Become A Better Manager Of Your Time & Your Goals

If there is one thing that is equal for everyone, it’s time. Regardless of how successful or how wealthy you are, we all have the same 24 hours a day. The only difference is how we use the same hours to get things done and achieve the results that we want.

How we decide to use our time requires planning, which is why we created the Intent In Action planner for you to take control of your day. This is not just any ordinary planner where you list out tasks that you need to complete, and check off as you go. Instead, this planner helps you understand yourself from the inside by identifying things that are important to you and why they matter so that you can channel your energy and have a special quality of focus to help you become more productive in your day, for work, for personal life, or both!

The purpose of the Intent In Action planner is to help you turn your intentions into actionable steps so that you can achieve your goals in a balanced, and purposeful way.

Word From The Founder
- Fred Lam

Having coached thousands of students over the years to become an entrepreneur and starting their own online business, I have witnessed many individuals who start off with a burning passion to make something great, and then their fire goes down shortly after because “I don’t have enough time”, “it’s too hard”, “it’s too much to handle” etc. the list goes on.

What differentiates the successful students from the non-successful ones isn’t because they are not as bright as others, nor because they don’t have the same resources. The reason is because they have not figured out their reason for starting their own business and their intentions for it, so they end up failing when things get hard.

My goal for the Intent In Action planner is to help individuals, especially entrepreneurs to succeed by first understanding about themselves and their reasons for doing things so that they can have focus and eliminate distractions that interfere with their path to success.

Of course, since this planner is designed for entrepreneurs (including myself), it has business-specific sections where you can view your business metrics at a glance and even additional resources and strategies to help you grow your business. This is what makes this planner a well-rounded one because even the most successful entreprepreneurs are humans too. While business is important, knowing how to live a balanced life is just as important. This planner can help you achieve just that by knowing your purpose behind your actions, so that you can start your day right, and end your day feeling good on where your time and energy is spent!