Your Focus Determines Your Reality

The Intent In Action Planner allows you to focus what matters from the inside as you work towards your goals on the outside.

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90-Day Undated Planner

It’s never too late to start on your goals. This undated planner allows you to get started any time, any day.

100% Psychology-Based

Reviewed by certified psychologists, this planner is designed to increase your productivity and strengthen your focus to achieve your goals.

Entrepreneurial Focused

Your best business tool for vision planning, reflections, KPI tracking, and even strategies to grow your business.

Live Purposefully & Productively

Understand what’s important to you to support your personal and business goals to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

How It Works

- The Intent In Action Flywheel

  • The 90-Day Focus

    Understand what’s most important to you and turn them into 3 big goals that you will focus on in the next 90 days. The goals can be for personal, work, or both.

  • The Weekly Plan

    Acknowledge the reasons behind your intentions and goals to help you determine your 3 big weekly objectives that align with your 90-day focus.

  • The Daily Priorities

    Start the day right by focusing on your gratitudes and intentions, then putting them into 3 big priorities with actionable steps to achieve them.

  • The Reflections

    Increase your mindfulness and strengthen your focus as you perform self reflections at the end of each day, week, and the entire 90-day journey.

Let The Intent In Action Planner Help You Live A More Balanced, Purposeful, and Productivity Life.

The Only Planner You’ll Need To
Keep You Grinding

The Intent In Actions Planner keeps your mind focused on what’s important, removes distractions,
and keeps you committed towards your goals.

Clear Focus

Be connected with your inner thoughts to set meaningful goals and use the Intent In Action Flywheel system to help you achieve them one step at a time.

Less Overwhelm

This is not your typical to-do planner where you list out an unrealistic set of things that you believe you can do. The Intent In Action Planner helps you narrow down your focus on what’s important and get clarity on why you’re doing certain things so that you can be less overwhelmed, become more productive, and live a healthier lifestyle.

Self Growth

The Intent In Action Planner helps you identify your thoughts, feelings, and learnings as you work towards your goals. The self-reflection prompts allow you to have quality time with yourself to process your day in a journal therapy format so that you can become more aware, less stress, and improve your overall self!

Guaranteed Effectiveness

Follow the Intent In Action Planner Flywheel system to guarantee productivity and effectiveness as you work towards your goals. You need to know your Whys in order to become action-oriented and have the unshakeable determination to accomplish your goals.

Work-Life Balance

Having work-life balance is a decision and it can be achieved when you have the intention to do so. The Intent In Action Planners is organized for personal growth, as well as business growth so that you can have the peace of mind to maintain both areas with purpose.

“After reviewing the Intent In Action Planner, it is effective for increasing one’s productivity, as well as one’s mentality.”

— Zymarl Abigail Fernandez, RPm, MPsy

If there is one thing that is equal for everyone, it’s time. Regardless of how successful or how wealthy you are, we all have the same 24 hours a day. The only difference is how we use the same hours to get things done and achieve the results that we want.

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