Intent In Action Planner (eCom Edition)
Intent In Action Planner (eCom Edition)
Intent In Action Planner (eCom Edition)

Intent In Action Planner (eCom Edition)


Backed by psychology for effective goal setting, the Intent In Action Flywheel system helps you focus and increase your productivity as you take actionable steps towards your goals. More importantly, it helps you turn your intentions into action so that you can figure out what makes you want to get out of bed in the morning, and feel good going to bed at night. Order yours now.

Intent In Action Planner (eCom Edition)

Intent In Action Planner (eCom Edition)

Intent In Action Planner
- eCom Edition

The Intent In Action Planner (eCom Edition) is designed with entrepreneurs in mind. It is a perfect accountability tool for individuals to maintain work-life balance while being able to stay focused on important goals during a 90-day period. However, this does not mean, it is solely for entrepreneurs. It literally is the perfect planner for anyone who wants to become a better manager of their time, and live a more purposeful life as they figure out what drives them towards their goals.

Each page of the planner is backed by psychology to help you become more effective as you work towards your goals. There are question prompts throughout the planner to help you channel your thoughts and become more mindful of your actions so that you can track your progress, make changes, and improve your overall self to become a better version each day.

The eCom Edition of this planner also features important business sections including Business At A Glance for important KPI tracking, eCom tips and resources to help you grow your business.

This planner is undated which means you can start any time you want - and the best time is now!

Standard Specifications
  • 90-day undated planner
  • Lay-flat, woven binding
  • Faux leather soft-hard cover
  • Size: 140*210 mm
  • Page Count: 326 Pages
  • Paper: Cream, uncoated
  • Extras: Elastic Band, 1 Ribbon, 1 Pocket

The Intent In Action Flywheel

Discover The 4 Practices To Build A Sustainable Momentum For Your Life

The 90-Day Focus

The Intent In Action Planner starts with a 90-day focus so that you can do goal planning without thinking too far out in the future, but still gives you a reasonable amount of time to estimate how much you can accomplish without being unrealistic and overwhelming. This gives you the focus you need to channel your energy and drive towards your goals.

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Now that you have the driving force to start pushing the flywheel and working towards your 3 big goals, you want to break them down into weekly objectives to work on one step at a time. Just like the flywheel analogy, you are adding momentum bit by bit to keep the wheels moving.

The Daily Priorities

To make the flywheel even easier to push, you want to break down the 3 weekly objectives into daily priorities that you want to achieve in a day. The key is to help you stay focused on what’s important so that you wouldn’t feel overwhelmed with too many tasks and end up giving up because “it’s too much to handle” or “you don’t know where to begin”. Setting priorities helps you put your thoughts and energy into those tasks that require your attention the most.

The Reflections

The final push to keep the flywheel moving and become more and more efficient is to do daily reflections at the end of the day. This is how you can improve, make pivots, and become better each day as you work towards your goals. Remember, the 90-day focus aka, your 3 big goals should not change, but the way you work towards them, can change depending on external circumstances, intentions, and what is important to you at the moment.

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