Who is the Intent In Action planner for?

The Intent In Action planner is designed with entrepreneurs in mind (but literally it works for anyone!). Whether you are just starting out or ready to advance to the next phase of your business, this planner helps you to bring focus on what’s important to you in both your personal and work life, so that you can align your energy and time to achieve your goals. There are specific sections in the planner to help you plan and strategize for your business, including a vision board and snapshot of your business metrics. The eCom Edition of the Intent In Action planner also comes with a series of resources such as eCom advertising tips and strategies to guide you through as you grow your business.

How is the Intent In Action Planner different from other business planners?

The Intent In Action planner is not just an ordinary business plan where you keep track of your daily tasks and activities. In fact, the system is psychologically proven to help you become more effective with achieving your goals and behavior change by helping you think and reflect on what’s important to you, why you’re doing certain things, so that you can have unshakeable determination to achieve what you want. The Intent In Action planner helps you examine your intentions from the inside as you work towards your goals on the outside. The Intent In Action planner is not just another calendar planner, but rather one that helps you live a more balanced, productive, and purposeful life!

Is the Intent In Planner undated?

Yes! The Intent In Action planner is an undated 90-day planner, organized into 3 month and 12 weeks. This means you can start using the planner at any day you want! Even if you missed a day or two, you can simply start off from where you left off. You have full control over the start and end date of your 90-day period! 

Is there any discount if I purchase more than 1 planner?

Yes! The Intent In Action planner is a 90-day undated planner, which means it can last for a quarter! If you purchase a set of 4, you will get a 25% discount and that will get you covered for the whole year!

What is the Refund Policy?

All purchases are final sale. Please review our Refund Policy here. However, if the planner is damaged upon receiving, please reach out to our support team and we will be happy to assist you!

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